Mariah Carey is not doing too well on the music charts. Her new song is doing so badly that the diva's record label is considering dropping her if she doesn't climb back up to the top. She just released her new song "I Don't" to a chilly reception. The song hasn't even received any radio play. Mariah was hoping to secure her comeback after an awful and unforgettable live performance at "New Year's Eve Rockin' Eve With Ryan Seacrest." She thought she could make everyone forget about that with a new relationship, a new reality show, and now her new single, but no one can forget.

According to reports, Epic Records is not too happy with Mimi after she failed to talk to them about her new track, "I Don't." She released the song without them knowing. They obviously wanted to go in a different direction. They are not happy that Mariah Carey went behind their back and dropped her new single without their approval. Sources told Showbiz 411 that Carey's label are not happy with her and they knew that her new song would be a massive flop.

Mariah Carey's 'I Don't' falls flat

They received the track after it dropped on iTunes, without any forewarning from Carey's team. This seems to be the next blow after her last single "Infinity" failed to make an impact on the charts even though it has an infectious disco beat.

Sources revealed that L.A. Reid is considering removing Carey from his label after her string of failures. Though Carey has been songwriting and recording, there has been no final work done on her album. In addition, Epic Records and Carey's team have hardly been in talks about her new album.

One reason Reid is not happy with Mariah Carey is because her new manager, Stella Bulochnikov, has cut Carey off from a lot of important industry people, including Reid.

He cannot reach out to her in regard to her new song. Stella is obviously very protective of the songstress but it's obviously costing the singer her career. No one takes her seriously. Her Las Vegas residency hasn't even been doing as well as Jennifer Lopez's or Britney Spears' newly extended residency.

Mariah Carey's ex-husband on her career

These latest rumors come after her ex-husband Tommy Mottola revealed to Page Six that she needs to rethink her career. He believes that Mariah could make a comeback and become the famous singer she was once. He clearly didn't have anything bad to say about the powerhouse performer. Mottola said he believes that Mariah Carey still has one of the best voices in the music industry. He believes she should revamp her image and surround herself with a team of people that can help her career, not hurt it.