Things are certainly getting serious between Mariah Carey and bryan tanaka, even though they are dating for only two months. Following the breakup between the singer and millionaire businessman James Packer, the two became inseparable since Mariah's tour from last year.

'Mariah's World' on-screen fling

After the eighth and, sadly, the final episode of E!’s series "Mariah’s World," everything became clear. Mariah’s in love with her backup dancer. Even though her ex-fiance appears in the show, things change from one episode to another. Between the Grammy awarded singer and the dancer, there is an obvious attraction.

After ditching her colossal engagement ring from ex-fiancé James Packer, Mariah Carey writes a breakup song to "heal" her. She sings it in the studio, sets the ring on the music stand, and walks away.

"If you're not getting the love that you need from someone that you're supposed to be in a relationship with, then why remain in that situation?" Mariah said in her final episode of Mariah’s World, referring to her relationship with ex-fiance James Packer. "So," she concludes, "it won't happen."

And so began her new relationship with her backup dancer.

Bonding with the kids

Since the tour from last year, Mariah and Bryan spent endless dates together. After celebrating Thanksgiving with her ex-husband Nick Cannon and their five-year-old twins, Monroe and Moroccan, Mariah spent some relaxing time in Hawaii with her children and her new beau.

The twins seem to be getting along with the 33-year-old backup dancer. They also spent a significant amount of time with Bryan and the other dancers while on tour last year. The new man in Mariah's life has been seen having dinner in London with Mariah and her children and also taking them to gym classes in LA.

He surely spends more time with the twins than Mariah's ex-fiance James Packer, who was not seen with the kids, only with their mom, although she dated James Packer for 18 months.

It seems that Mariah's in love and thinking of having a future with Bryan. This is quite a change in Mariah's life. Rumors are that in the near future there might be even a wedding.