Fans of AMC’s “Mad Men” will be delighted to know that the creator of the hit period drama is working on another fascinating project that is yet again linked to historical events. Matthew Weiner’s new show will be called “The Romanoffs”, and it will be vastly different to his previous project for many reasons.

Finding your roots

According to Weiner, his new show will be anthology series, similar in format to Neflix’s “Black Mirror”, but the similarities end there. This series will focus on a group of people who believe that they might be descendants of the Romanoff family, the imperials who apparently were at the helm of Russia between the period 1613 and 1917.

Each episode will focus on one individual character who shares this strange belief about his/her ancestry, and will look to examine humanity’s need to connect with its past. The series will be loosely based on a historical event involving Czar Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra. After the powerful couple were run out of the country, they lived out their lives in anonymity in order to protect their five children. The so-called descendants featured in the series may be directly related to the off-springs of these five children.

Behind the scenes

The show has been picked up by Amazon, and will be co-financed by the conglomerate along with The Weinstein Company. Weiner is also looking to bring back several individuals who have worked with him during “Mad Men”, including the producer of the show Blake McCormick.

Some of the executive producers who have signed on the project include Semi Chellas and Andre Jacquemetton.

Weiner is most excited about the anthology format that he will be working on for the first time, and says that he is happy to commit to a resolution in each episode. In a recent press statement Weiner said: “I liked the idea of telling a story in a format where you don’t have the serial element – you have to commit to a resolution.

The escalation has to happen within the story — nothing is carried over from one episode to another. As a writer, that’s an exciting idea.”

Those who have watched and followed “Mad Men” during the course of its seven-season run would have definitely noticed the keen attention to detail in the show. The period drama did a brilliant job exploring life in the 60’s, and it is this exact feature we can expect to see in Weiner’s latest project.