Last week, the news broke that there would be a member of the Green Lantern Corps in the upcoming "Justice League" movie. However, while the news came that one would appear, the name of the specific Green Lantern was not disclosed. That mystery has now been solved and it turns out that the Lantern member that will appear in the DC Comics movie might be Abin Sur.

Who is Abin Sur?

DC Comics comic book fans know exactly who Abin Sur is because he was the most important Lantern that existed when it came to the comic book line getting its start. Abin Sur was the member of the Green Lantern Corps who died when he crashed to earth.

Hal Jordan, a hotshot member of the air force found him and the ring "chose him" to be Abin Sur's successor after the Lantern died. This is interesting because "Man of Steel" was an origin story but "Batman V Superman" showed that a number of heroes such as Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and more, already existed in the movie universe and this might mean Hal Jordan is not one of them.

How does this tie into the Green Lantern Corps movie?

Of course, there has already been a "Green Lantern" movie with Ryan Reynolds, who played Hal Jordan. That was supposed to be part of this shared DC Comics universe. However, Jordan received Abin Sur's ring and if he is still alive in the "Justice League" movie, that makes it look like the Ryan Reynolds' movie will not be canon.

That means that after Abin Sur dies, his ring will fly off to find Hal Jordan and he will be a brand new hero in a world that already has a Justice League.

What other Lanterns could appear?

This means a reintroduction of the Green Lantern Corps. If Hal Jordan hasn't gotten his ring yet, he needs to and there is also the fact that John Stewart is supposed to be in the movie as well, which makes no sense based on the DC Comics stories since he got his ring after Hal Jordan was gone.

There is no telling how the movies works this out but if Abin Sur is the member of The Green Lantern Corps that appears in "Justice League," it makes it look like a huge reimagining of the entire DC Comics history is underway at Warner Bros.