Die-hard fans of the "X-men" world will probably argue passionately about which character they think is the unrivaled best, but nevertheless, most would agree that Wolverine, with his indestructible claws, is by far the most iconic mutant in the series.

Anticipation for the latest installment of the hit franchise, produced by Twentieth-Century Fox, is high and this time it's R-rated. After having played the role a record 9 times, Hugh Jackman returns for what is believed to be his final appearance as the sharp-clawed mutant. The reviews are out and the consensus is unanimous – it's a smasher.

The film derives its title from the lead character, a wolf-like man called Logan. Directed by James Mangold, “Logan” is predicted to rake in a whopping $70 million during its opening weekend. Some industry insiders place the figure a bit higher, at $80 million, which would be a record-making box-office yield for R-rated film openings. This is Wolverine's third stand-alone film, with 2009's “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” - also directed by Mangold – and 2013's “The Wolverine” both enjoying opening weekend success by raking in $85 million and $53 million respectively.

'Logan' set to slash through competition

By way of the Superhero genre, “Logan” faces no real adversaries. However, there are a few notable big-hype movies making their way to the silver screen.

Lionsgate offers “The Shack”, a story about faith in religion, starring Sam Worthington and Octavia Spencer, not poised to make more than $12 million over its maiden weekend. “Before I Fall”, a mysterious film about a teen who is stuck reliving her last day alive, probably won't collect more than $10 million at the first-weekend box-office.

It seems the only real contender is Universal Studios' horror flick, “Get Out” that managed to score $33.4 million last weekend. Tickets will fly as Hugh Jackman claws his way to the top of the pack.

Wolverine woos the critics

“Logan” was first screened at the Berlin International Film Festival last month, where it received glowing reviews and overwhelming praise.

So far the features score a positive rating of 93% on review aggregator, Rotten Tomatoes.

The film draws inspiration from the “Old Man Logan” comic, where a much older and weaker Wolverine must care for a frail Professor X, famously played by Patrick Stewart. Both characters are in hiding when they are discovered by an unfamiliar stranger who turns out to be a mutant.

Fox distribution has made the R-rated feature available in 4,100 U.S. theaters for its opening weekend, a sure sign that executives smell a smash-hit, and will flood international theaters soon.