Jennifer Carpenter has tied the knot with her 35-year-old boyfriend Seth Avett in a small ceremony over a weekend in May. The couple already have a one-year-old son together called Isaac and decided to get married in North Carolina. A source close to couple has said that they are “incredibly happy to be married”. This is not Jennifer’s first marriage as she was married to Michael C.Hall who was her Dexter co-star. The couple were married for three years and played brother and sister in the TV series. Avett is also on his second marriage, he was married for 5 years to Susan Avett, but the couple divorced in 2013.

Jennifer and Seth wanted to have a private wedding so that they could escape from the public eye and from the paparazzi, which is understandable as they are now parents. They had been dating for two years before tying the knot. Avett’s band’s rep was one of the ones to confirm that the couple were married; he said “We can confirm Seth Avett and Jennifer Carpenter were married in North Carolina over the Memorial Day weekend.” Before this fans had been suspecting and guessing that the actress and rock star had tied the knot as Avett was seen wearing a gold wedding band on his ring finger during his concerts.

Jennifer Carpenter met Seth Avett when she was married to someone else

The couple had a child before they married and Carpenter carried on working throughout the most part of her pregnancy.

She spoke about her role in Limitless saying “I was eight-and-a-half months pregnant when we shot, so I feel like I was walking on set going ‘Are you sure I’m supposed to be here’. But there were such heavy hitters, from the production team to Bradley Cooper being a part of it, and the movie having been something I really enjoyed.” Her now husband Seth is the front-man of the band the Avett Brothers and it was at one of Avett’s concerts that the pair first met, back in 2009.

Friends of the couple are all delighted that they are now married, saying “they have a similar sense of humor” and “they’re a good match”. The couple originally met when Jennifer was still married to Michael C.Hall and so remained just friends with Seth until she became single, after which it did not take long for the couple to start a romantic relationship, and to later become engaged.