lena dunham tends to stay in the news and usually, it's because of the uncomfortably awkward things that she says and does. Recently, though, Lena has been making waves because she has lost an incredible amount of weight and honestly, she looks great. Apparently, some think Lena is a hypocrite because of her weight loss due to some comments she made in the past about not caring what other people think about her body.

Skinny or not, Lena Dunham can't escape the critics

When Lena Dunham was a guest on the "Ellen DeGeneres Show" on Wednesday, she talked about the body shamers who still have not let up even though she's dropping pounds like it's in style and she cares.

She told Ellen that in the past, she would get called names like a "bag of milk" or others like "baby cow" and also "aging cow" due to her extra few pounds.

Dunham said that she never was self-conscious about her body nor did she care what the haters had to say about her curvaceous figure. Instead, the "Girls" star has said that she is confused by the recent attention she has received regarding her weight loss. Lena Dunham explained that instead of being left alone now that she fits the Hollywood standard for skinny, or as close to it as she's going to get, she's being called a hypocrite for daring to lose a few pounds. Dunham told Ellen DeGeneres during the appearance, "It really was evidenced that as a woman in Hollywood, you just can't win."

The real reason for Lena Dunham's weight loss

When asked why she was losing weight, Lena Dunham has a pretty witty, if not depressing reply.

Apparently, she has been telling people that the despair and depression over Donald Trump's presidency has caused her to lose an extreme amount of weight.

It turns out that there is an even better explanation for why Lena has been dropping pounds recently. The "Girls" creator suffers from endometriosis, which affects a lot of things but can definitely be a trigger for weight gain and loss.

In order to have better control over the pain caused by her chronic illness, Lena Dunham recently started doing Yoga and working out in order to strengthen her core. It has been shown that exercise and a healthy diet can alleviate the symptoms caused by endometriosis and it looks like that is doing a lot of good for Lena.