Charlie Sheen shocked his fans in 2015 when he announced that he has been living with HIV. Now the Hollywood Bad Boy says that many other celebrities are also battling the autoimmune disease and that he knows who many of them are. That said, Sheen also made it clear that he's not interested in outing anyone and that he'll keep their secret as long as they do.

Charlie Sheen confirms other stars also have HIV

On Wednesday, Charlie Sheen was a guest on "The Kyle and Jackie O Show" where he was asked if he knows other celebrities suffering from HIV in secret.

Charlie affirmed that he sure does. He also made it clear that the identities of those celebrities was something that he would take to his grave.

While on "The Kyle and Jackie O Show," Charlie Sheen talked about a miracle drug he has been taking to maintain his health. It's called PRO-140 and Sheen says that by taking it, he is safer than some of the other men running around, having sex in Hollywood. That said, those lining up to sleep with the former "Two and a Half Men" actor should still keep in mind that he's HIV positive and that there is risk involved in carrying on a sexual relationship with someone who has the virus no matter what they are taking to stay healthy.

Charlie talks about his health and being HIV-positive

Charlie Sheen also took a moment to put Jenny McCarthy on blast during the interview. Apparently, after he came out and admitted his HIV-positive status, McCarthy reacted in a less than positive way. She got upset because, while guest starring on "Two and a Half Men," she kissed Sheen and touched him, two actions that shouldn't pass on the virus anyway.

Despite that and also despite knowing the exact moment when he contracted HIV, Charlie Sheen blasted McCarthy, claiming that he didn't even have it at the time when she was on the show.

Despite Sheen having a history of being pretty wild and for pulling some pretty outrageous stunts (anyone else remember Charlie "winning" or talking about tiger's blood?) it seems that Charlie Sheen has a lot of respect for the privacy of other celebrities who are currently dealing with their own HIV-positive status.