Is Kurt Russell battling cancer? Kurt Russell was recently spotted out and it is his appearance that has fans very concerned about the "Hateful Eight" star's current health status. Russell, according to a new report and photo from Radar Online appears to be suffering from what appears to be a serious issue with his bottom lip.

Kurt Russell keeping quiet about health issues?

Kurt was photographed earlier this month what some very shocking and painful looking blood-filled blisters and lesions stretching across his bottom lip.The celebrity news site took it upon themselves to try and get some answers as to what could be causing Russell's current health issues by speaking to a few doctors about Kurt's condition.

Doctors reveal they are puzzled over Russell's recent appearance.

Mind you, none of the "expert opinions" that the site has received from their medical consults have treated Kurt Russell. By only examining recent photos of taken of the actor earlier this month a Dr. Stuart Fischer spoke with the site revealing that he is puzzled by what he sees. He also suggests that Kurt seeks medical attention immediately.

"I've never seen anything quite like these.They need to be examined immediately," stated the doctor. Dr. Fischer's advice was also backed up by a second doctor's opinion according to RO. "He needs to have these looked at and a physician conducts immediate tests," said Dr. Gabe Mirkin. "They could be the result of a serious infection."

The Kurt Russell cancer speculations began picking up steam following a March 1 story from the Globe that originally speculated that Kurt Russell, 65, had contracted a flesh-eating disease.

Radar took it upon themselves to speak with a few other doctors which they deem experts about Kurt, again, Kurt has not been treated by these "professionals."

The last doctor claims that the blister-like sores seen on Russell's bottom lip could be the result of plastic surgery or a cosmetic procedure, but if that is the case, it was not like anything that he was familiar with.

At this time Kurt Russell's cancer speculation is just that, speculation. Kurt, nor his family members, including longtime girlfriend Goldie Hawn have responded to the health theories circulating about Russell at this time. Until Mr. Russell or his reps speak out on this matter all we know for certain is that Kurt, according to photos has an issue going on concerning his bottom lip.We just hope it is nothing too serious and hope to see Kurt back on the big screen very soon.

Fans of Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn's comedy film "Overboard" can look forward to seeing an updated, gender -swapped remake of the comedy. It will star Anna Farris as a hard working single mom, who tricks Eugenio Derbez, as a spoiled wealthy snob into believing he is her husband and father of her children.

What are your thoughts on Kurt Russell's alleged cancer issues, and the remake of "Overboard" are you interested in seeing the film remake?