"General Hospital" fans are torn about the recent news about soap actress kirsten storms announcing that she would be taking a leave of absence from the daytime drama for an undetermined amount of time due to "personal reasons."

Will General Hospital recast Kirsten Storms' role of Maxie Jones during her absence?

This is not the first lengthy absence taken by Storms during her decade-plus time with the daytime soap. During her long-running stint with "GH," Storms has taken a number of leaves of absence from her role as Maxie Jones. But, this time just feels different to fans who are concerned about the circumstances surrounding her leave.

Is Kirsten Storms hiding an illness from soap fans?

As previously reported in February, fans began to express some major concern for Kirsten's health after her appearance began to take on some very noticeable changes throughout the weeks. Storms, usually a healthy, energetic looking woman began to appear thinner and more gaunt looking as time went on and often appeared on the show looking overly made-up.

This is also not the first time fans have shown great concern for her health. In 2011, Kirsten took a long leave from the daytime drama after she was diagnosed with endometriosis. After nearly a year-long absence Storms returned to the show. In 2014, she requested yet another long break from daytime television after the birth of her daughter Harper.

During both of Kirsten's previous absences, her role as Maxie was recast in order to keep the storyline moving along swiftly.

Now with a rocky and emotional road behind her in her personal life following her divorce from husband and co-star Brandon Barash, Kirsten is taking yet another leave for an undetermined amount of time following the speculation that she may be facing another health crisis.

At this time it is not known whether General Hospital will recast the role of Maxie, or write around Storms' vacancy.

Since the details concerning Kirsten Storms' most recent leave from the show are being withheld at this time, fans are remaining hopeful that whatever the reasons, her time away will hopefully be brief this time around. For now, all fans can do is sit back and wait for the actress to return.