Kenny Rogers' 25-year-old sexual assault case has resurfaced and the woman who filed the case against Rogers is speaking out, revealing all after all these years. Lisa Applewhite is the name of Kenny Rogers' victim and she claims that she has never gotten over the traumatic assault and feels as if she never will. Applewhite now goes by the last name of Kimball, and stated to Radar Online, “It makes me angry and cringe when I see him on TV,” says Lisa. “I think he’s filthy scum. Absolutely, he ruined my life.”

Kenny Rogers believes phone sex is innocent fun

She is now revealing the details.

Lisa said she met Kenny through a family friend by the name of Billy Bob Harris who was a very close friend of Rogers. Harris stated that he could get Lisa a part in Kenny's film and gave Kenny Lisa's number. Kenny later called Lisa asking her to audition for a part in the film. Lisa said Kenny paid $3,000 for her photos, liked what he saw, and believed she would fit the part perfectly but told her it was very important that she keep their "relationship" quiet.

Kenny Rogers continues to deny all claims of wrong doing

“I never thought for one minute he would manipulate me like that because I was so young,” adds Lisa, who was 26 at the time. “I thought of him as a grandfather figure because he was so much older.”Next, she headed off to the Big Apple to meet up with Kenny to audition at his hotel room, but when she arrived she found that Rogers had more on his mind than giving her a part in the movie.

Things got very scary for her after that. She described the details of the evening, revealing that Kenny sent for after his concert and ordered everyone to leave his hotel room after she arrived. " I became nervous. We talked for a while, and he grabbed me and tried to kiss me.” She next described how she attempted to fight off his aggressive advances leaving him angry, as he threatened her that if she told anyone what had happened he would use his power to see she never became an actress.

Now at age 51, Lisa shared that she believed then that her life was in danger, and that Kenny Rogers, 78, was going o have her killed. Things did not end there for Lisa, who revealed that the singer called her, asking to indulge in his phone sex fantasies, telling her he would buy her a new car.

Rogers was also accused in another suit at the same time from two women in Texas, who claimed he made obscene phone calls to them.

The "Gambler" hitmaker acknowledged the sex scandals in his memoir "Luck or Something Like it," writing, “If I’d fought the lawsuit, I could have won that battle. It was a phone number they had to call and pick up the message."

Rogers claims that the women had the choice to make the calls, stating that he was left "very hurt" by these women, whom he considered his friends. To date, the singer still denies doing anything wrong.

Rogers is best know for country hits "The Gambler," "Lucille," and "Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town." Throughout the years his music career has always remained very stable. However, the same cannot be said for his love life. Kenny has four children and has been married five times. He is currently marred to Wanda Miller.