Two more women have surfaced with accusations that GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, who Michelle Obama described as a "predator," sexually assaulted them. One of the women, Summer Zervos, who was a contestant on Trump's show, "The Apprentice," stated that when she met Trump, that he grabbed her and forcibly kissed her on the lips. Zervos also claimed that she met Trump again in California and that he forced another kiss onto her lips. Zervos stated that she told Trump to "get real" and that Trump replied by slowly repeating her words, "G-e-t r-e-a-l" and then continued to grab her and force his unwanted sexual advances on her.

A hand up her skirt

The other woman, Kristin Anderson, alleged that "the Donald" put his hand up her skirt in the 1990s. Anderson stated that it was the release of the audio tape in which Trump claimed that he enjoyed putting his hands on women's private parts, that prompted her to come forward.

Joe Biden weighs in

Meanwhile, Vice-President Joe Biden weighed in on the allegations in a Rolling Stone interview. Biden minced no words and stated emphatically that what the women are describing is the "textbook definition of sexual assault."

"I've seen it all before"

Biden also stated that Trump entered a dressing room of multiple female beauty pageant contestants and called out, "Don't worry girls, I've seen it all before!" Biden has been a lifelong advocate for women and defender of women's rights.

"The ultimate abuse of power"

Biden also described the sexual assault by a high-profile celebrity who knows that women are too intimidated by his fame, fortune and power to report the abuse to the police as "the ultimate abuse of power." Many corporate executives have been fired for much less, and it is very surprising to this observer that Trump does not seem to know this.

Trump's repeated denials

Meanwhile, Trump has steadfastly denied the allegations of misogyny, sexual assault and abuse of power against him. "The Donald" claimed that the allegations are "totally false." The phony, self-absorbed billionaire discredited the women, stated that he does not know who they are, and alleged that the women are all part of a conspiracy to discredit him and win the election for Hillary Clinton. Most observers, including this one, feel that they would have a better chance of getting five pennies for a wooden nickel than finding a shred of truth in Trump's claims of innocence.