After her recent split with Orlando Bloom, Katy Perry, 32, has gone through yet another of her dramatic hair changes. Only a week after airing her faux hawk at the BRIT awards, where she aired her political views in the form of skeleton versions of Donald Trump and Theresa May, she now looks for all the world like one of her own favorite pop stars, Miley Cyrus.

Katy's now platinum blond locks have gone extremely short, in a pixie style more suited to someone like Miley and it turns out her new hairstyle was created by none other than Chris McMillan, who created Cyrus’s own look back in 2012, transforming her from the tame Hannah Montana to the woman she is today.

It turns out he was also responsible for giving Jennifer Aniston her famous “Rachel” haircut that became so popular with fans back in the day.

Better long or short?

While an online poll run by TMZ is pushing that people prefer her with longer hair, a report by Bustle is calling Perry’s new look “total perfection,” saying she can “totally rock” any hairstyle she wants.

With Katy and Orlando having recently split after more than a year together, the singer says they are giving each other “loving space” but getting a new look is definitely a must after any romantic breakup. In a video posted to Instagram, Katy can be seen puckering up with red lipstick, with Chris in the background and the caption, “I wasn’t ready until now.”

Orlando Bloom moving on with new love interest

While Katy cited the “respectful loving space” idea as the reason for their recent breakup, according to Page Six, Orlando Bloom has already moved on – maybe he hasn’t seen the new ‘do yet?

Reportedly Bloom spent the evening at the Global Green Oscars event on Saturday with a so-called “mystery woman” by the name of Erin McCabe, who is reportedly the daughter of Les McCabe, the Global Green president. More than that, however, a source told Page Six they were also together the previous evening at a birthday party for Ariel Vromen and Tommy Alastra and said source said they were flirty and totally together the whole time during the evening.