Warner Bros. finally dropped the first official trailer of “Justice League” that gave a lot of fans goosebumps. This is the first time that the superheroes are all seen in one video clip, but it is missing one iconic character.

The trailer gave a glimpse of Aquaman (Jason Momoa), Flash (Ezra Miller), Cyborg (Ray Fisher), Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), and, of course, Batman (Ben Affleck). Evidently, Superman (Henry Cavill) is gone missing, thus everybody questions his whereabouts.

Kal-El will definitely back in the all superhero movie

To recall, Superman died saving the world from Doomsday in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.” The movie even ended with his funeral, thus it motivated Bruce Wayne to build the Justice League.

However, a lot believed that he was actually alive, especially when some earth from his coffin was seen floating in the air.

Cavill’s name was even seen in the cast list of “Justice League” and has even been part of the Comic-Con reveal image. But, the 33-year-old star hasn’t seen in the SDCC footage, only mentioned at the set visit and not part of the newly revealed trailer.

It has been said that Warner Bros. only released one trailer yet, and he might be in the next teasers of the film. And if he got killed in “BvS,” he will definitely back in the much-awaited all superhero movie.

The Big Blue Boy Scout’s non-appearance, a possible marketing strategy

Superman is not part of the group’s first formation at the post-apocalyptic battle, which is believed to come in the latter half of “Justice League.” Hence, he might be seen in a surprising third act, Screen Rant reported.

Also, his non-appearance might be a marketing strategy. So, this could impose a big question; build an anticipation creating hype.

The Big Blue Boy Scout, too, might be resurrected earlier in the film and he just may not be included in the trailer. Although Warner Bros. and Jack Snyder remain mum about his triumphant return, it is well known that the Last Son of Krypton plays a vital role in the movie’s plotline and character story. Fans still have to wait until Nov. 16 to see which sequence he will appear.