The news offered by Movie Pilot that the Fox Network is open to a revival, sequel series, or reboot of “FIrefly” is certainly something to get the blood stirring. However, understandably, series creator joss whedon has to be the one to handle the new series. The article goes on to state that the schedule of Whedon and the various actors from the original series, such as Nathan Fillion, may preclude a new series anytime soon. But the real reason that a new “Firefly” may never happen or that it is likely to be a disappointment is the Whedon, like much of Hollywood, has become totally unhinged by the election of Donald Trump as president.

It is not just that the famous TV and film producer once opined that a rhinoceros performing an unnatural act of the inoffensive Speaker of the House Paul Ryan would be funny. He more recently pronounced himself “broken” because of the confirmation of Betsy DeVos as education secretary. Since when did the creator of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” get all negative about a strong, independent woman?

The secret to “Firefly’s” success is how conservative and libertarian the subtext of the series was. The conflict was between a motley crew of a tramp space freighter, led by the most red state, red neck character in science fiction in the person of Captain Mal Reynolds, against a bureaucratic state, the Alliance, willing to commit atrocities like Miranda for the good of its citizens.

The struggle of a small business against an overreaching government was a perfect metaphor for the Obama years.

Unfortunately, anyone who thinks that Donald Trump is the devil is not likely to return to that essential spirit of “Firefly.” More likely we will find out that the Alliance has been taken over by a cartoon villain meant to stand in for Trump, something more suited from one of “The Avengers” movies.

Such a series is more likely to elicit groans than cheers, even if addled members of “the Resistance” will find something to cheer about.

Sadly, it may be too late to go home again where “Firefly” is concerned. Its creator is no longer in a place where he or we can do so.