Josh Duggar may have been able to save his marriage to Anna Duggar but that hasn't stopped his cheating scandal from turning into a lawsuit. The former "19 Kids and Counting" star was served up with paperwork recently and it looks like Duggar is headed to court to defend himself.

The legal ramifications of using fake pictures on dating profiles

According to InTouch, Josh Duggar was served paperwork for a lawsuit that dates back to his account with the dating website Ok Cupid. Duggar is being sued for his involvement on the site because he failed to use a picture of himself when trolling the site for women to cheat on his wife with.

Now Duggar is required to show up in court in Los Angeles in May to defend himself.

It was revealed that a man named Matthew McCarthy, who happens to be a popular Los Angeles area DJ, is the one bringing a lawsuit against Josh Duggar. He claims that Josh used his photo for the OK Cupid profile and that, as a result, McCarthy has suffered hardship and ridicule for taking part in the website. McCarthy even claims that Josh Duggar's unauthorized use of his likeness has caused him to miss work opportunities.

Duggar still dealing with his skeletons

The Josh Duggar lawsuit was filed by McCarthy last year and it was recently revealed that paperwork regarding the suit was delivered to Duggar on March 13.

Some may recall that this isn't even Duggar's biggest cheating scandal and that he was also among the thousands of men outed after a hack on the Ashley Madison database was made public.

The Josh Duggar molestation and cheating scandal that broke out more than a year ago was the downfall of "19 Kids and Counting." TLC quickly canceled the show after learning about some of Josh's past misdeeds only to come back with a "Counting On" spinoff that featured his sisters but left him out even at times when he was at family events that were filmed.

Despite all of the damage that Duggar did, with the molestation accusations becoming public and then his Ashley Madison profile and admission that he cheated on Anna Duggar also coming out, he still managed to keep his family together. Most recently, and to the shock of pretty much everyone, Anna Duggar even announced that she is pregnant again and is expecting her fifth baby with everyone's least favorite Duggar.