Finally, happy news is out for the Willis family! It turns out that Jessica Willis got engaged a couple of months ago. The fans have really missed seeing Jessica and her family on their show "The Willis Clan, " and the only way to really keep updated on them is to follow them on social networks. The show was canceled, and the family hasn't been out touring lately either.

Details on Jessica's engagement

Jessica Willis' fiance actually went to Instagram to share the news about their big engagement. He said, "We don't need to whisper... Back on Christmas Eve, I asked this incredible girl to marry me, and by the grace of God, he said yes.

Welcome to OUR story." Along with it, he shared a picture of Jessica looking down at her ring. She looks really happy about the news. They haven't shared when the wedding will be yet, but hopefully her fiance Sean will share pictures after they get married at least.

Jessica's fiance is named Sean Fisher. There isn't a lot of information out about him, but he posts on Instagram constantly and he is a great photographer. He lives in Nashville, so you can assume that Jessica is there living as well now. He calls himself an explorer in his Instagram profile. In the photo of their engagement, Jessica had blonde hair once again and it was longer just below her shoulders.

It looks like Jessica Willis is just enjoying her life and staying out of the spotlight for now.

She left the family group The Willis Family and then their show was canceled. The fans would love to see them start making music again in the future or get the chance to see Jessica's wedding or at least pictures from her big day. Right now, it really does look like she is enjoying the quiet life and won't be in the press much if it is up to her.

No idea if Jessica is still making music or what she is up to these days since she has not been updating anyone.

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