Jennifer Lopez is opening up about her personal life. While she portrays herself as a sexy symbol in her music, a beauty on social media, or an entertainer on stage, one thing is clear: she is still a mother who loves her ex-husband. It's not what you think though. Jennifer and her ex-husband Marc Anthony sure looked friendly at that concert a few months ago. However, that does not mean they're getting back together, so it's time to stop asking the couple about a possible reconciliation.

Why J.Lo will not go back to this one ex

The singer talked about her famous ex-husband and father of their 9-year-old twins on "The View" on Friday, March 3.

Jennifer Lopez admitted that both she and Marc Anthony are in a good place in their lives right now. The reason why the exes haven't gotten back together is because they make better friends than lovers. They also make great co-parents and co-performers on their upcoming Spanish-language album. J.Lo wants to leave their relationship at that point.

Fans have speculated whether Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony would reconcile. The two were seen sharing an onstage kiss at the 2016 Latin Grammy Awards back in November. The kiss caused so much attention that Anthony tried to play down the rumors by kissing several of his friends after the show. Speculation grew once again when it was revealed that Anthony and his wife Shannon De Lima split after two years of marriage.

Jennifer Lopez gets real about her children

During that same interview, Lopez opened up about her and Anthony's twins, Max and Emme. She said the years have gone by so fast. The twins travel with J.Lo everywhere she goes since they're home-schooled. Now they want to go to school and explore the world on their own. Lopez is not sure if she's ready to let them go just yet.

She gushed about her children and the "joy" they bring into her life.

The "Not Your Mama" singer gushed about them once again on "The Today Show." Jennifer recently shared an emotional message thanking God for her children on social media. During her Thursday morning interview on the morning show, she got emotional once again when she talked about her kids.

Jennifer revealed that she didn't expect to have kids at 38. She feels blessed to have been graced with two beautiful children in her life.

Jennifer Lopez admits she has a hard time juggling it all. She's busy working her NBC crime drama "Shades of Blue," recording her new album, getting ready to star in the NBC live musical "Bye Bye Birdie Live," and she has her own Vegas show. But she admits that she wouldn't have her life any other way.