Since the fateful climax of the 2016 Presidential Election, Hillary Clinton has been keeping a fairly low-profile, rarely making headlines or appearing in the public eye. This is certainly not surprising, given her devastating election loss that shocked the entire free world. In the weeks that followed, Donald Trump kept the mass media quite busy with outlandish and alarming tweets, as well as shocking decisions regarding his cabinet. Mike Pence has been arguably less controversial, though he certainly made headlines when he was booed by the cast of "Hamilton" after watching the sensational show in New York City.

Given the notoriously liberal views of the show’s creator and star( Lin Manuel-Miranda), this is hardly surprising. While Trump’s supporters instantly began boycotting the show, just about everyone else redoubled their efforts to get tickets to see it. Recently, another politician had a very different experience on Broadway.

Clinton surprised an entire theater

The musical rendition of Alice Walker’s, "The Color Purple" has also been sweeping Broadway since its debut last Summer. Recently, those attending a sold-out performance were treated to a rare spectacle when Hillary, Bill, and Chelsea Clinton arrived for the matinee, which marked the show’s final performance. Before the start of the show, the crowd broke into thunderous applause while they scrambled for their cell phones to tweet and document the historic moment.

Video footage displayed many people leaning over balconies and standing up in their seats just to get a look at the politician and her husband.

The applause wasn't over, though

During the farewell speech that followed the show, actress Patricia Covington acknowledged Clinton and waved to her. While multiple other celebrities, such as actress Debra Messing were also in the audience, Clinton was the focus of this crowd, who greeted her with multiple standing ovations before the show had even begun.

Bringing down the house is a popular term in theater, and it seems safe to say that Clinton definitely did just that at this performance. Covington’s nod to her resulted in yet another standing ovation for the former Secretary of State.

Broadway's choice in presidential candidates is clear

While most of the country would likely rather see the popular vote winner in the White House rather than at a Broadway play, it seems safe to say that both the cast of the musical and the people in attendance were quite glad to see her.

The audience members who cheered so loudly for Clinton will likely not be at Donald Trump’s inauguration, but Clinton has said that she will be. For further information, keep checking Trump’s Twitter. He demanded that the cast of "Hamilton" apologize for booing Pence, so there’s little doubt he’ll have something to say about the royal treatment that Hillary received.