Jamie Otis is known for her time on "The Bachelor" and also "Married at First Sight." Anyone from reality television is used to being shamed by people on their posts. There are a lot of trolls out there who love to cause drama. The thing is Jamie Otis won't just take it from them and is now speaking out. The Hollywood Gossip shared what Jamie had to say.

What did Jamie Otis say to the hater?

Jamie has been dealing with one hater who felt the need to say something rude on Jamie's Facebook live post. Jamie was reviewing a subscription box she got in the mail.

The shirt was a bit revealing, which isn't a big deal, but this woman made a rude comment on her post. The comment left said, "I'm just trying to figure out what's lopsided -- her boobs, her bra or her shirt ... Woman, have some respect for yourself."

When this comment was made, Jamie was totally offended, and instead of just letting it upset her she decided to respond instead. Jamie Otis had been away for the weekend, and when she got home, she was excited to read the comments and found this one. Jamie wrote an entire blog post about her thoughts on what the woman said to her. Here is what Jamie had to say.

"Instantly I felt my smile fade. My mood went bleak. I immediately looked down to my chest to see if my boobs are really that noticeably 'lopsided' ...?!

Then I re-watched my video to see if my breasts looked completely abnormal? I wasn't thinking of my breasts or even paying attention to them when I was chatting with all of my friends and frans live on Facebook."

The thing is Jamie Otis is pregnant right now. Jamie actually sent a private message to the woman who body shamed her and shared her thoughts with her.

She was very nice to the woman, and then the woman got rude back. Jamie wishes that women could build each other up instead of cutting each other down.

Are you shocked to hear that Jamie Otis spoke out against this hater? Do you think that she di the right thing? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss "Married At First Sight" when it returns to FYI in April.