Almost six months after "Married at First Sight" stars Jamie Otis and Dough Hehner lost their first born son, the couple announced that they are expecting "Baby Hehner" in August. Although they haven't revealed whether they are having a girl or a boy, Jamie is already showing off an adorable baby bump.

"We are pregnant!!!" Jamie announced on her Facebook page on Tuesday, along with a photo a pregnancy announcement photo (below) that features her husband Doug and a rainbow-bellied Jamie who admits that she had to unbutton her jeans a bit to accommodate her growing belly.

"Forgive me for my pants being unbuttoned," Jamie captioned the photo. "I'm at that awkward stage where I don't quite fill out maternity clothes but I definitely can't fit into my normal clothes."

Jamie and Doug's rainbow baby

Last July, Jamie shared the sad news with her fans that the she and Doug lost their son Johnathan when she was just four months pregnant. It was a devastating loss for the Reality TV stars and has been the topic of several blog posts on Jamie's blog.

In a new blog post, Jamie talks about the couple's "rainbow baby" and shared that she is "a bit fearful" that they could lose this baby, too. However, Jamie and Doug are staying positive and are "choosing happiness and excitement over fear."

And while some of Jamie's followers may think it's too early in her pregnancy for her to share that she's expecting, she points out that sharing early validates the baby's life.

"Looking back I am so thankful that I had announced my pregnancy and everyone knew about my sweet Johnny," Otis writes on her blog. "First of all, it validated his life. He was real. He existed. He had meaning. Had I not been in my second trimester and I lost him would I have ever shared him with anyone?"

Sweet baby Hehner

Hopefully fans will find out soon whether "Married at First Sight" stars Jamie and Doug are having a girl or a boy.

Last year, Jamie told People magazine, "I just envision the mother-daughter relationship. I’m just so eager for that, but I hear little boys tend to be mama’s boys, so I’ll take that too!"

As long as sweet baby Hehner is healthy, that's all that matters. Congratulations, Jamie and Doug!