As Marvel and Netflix’s “Iron Fistcontinues, Danny gets a little closer to getting the family company back and the audience gets to know Colleen Wing better. The two fight in very different arenas in “Rolling Thunder Cannon Punch.” Check out all the Easter eggs below!

If you aren’t caught up with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this is your only warning! This Easter egg list contains spoilers for the shows and movies that are a part of it, including “Iron Fist.”

Joy’s bowl for her keys

Though it seems innocuous enough at the start of the episode, with the camera frequently making sure that bowl is in the frame, you just know it’s going to pop up later.

Its importance within the show not withstanding, the bowl is a nice callback to Iron Fist’s comic book costume as it’s painted in the same shades of yellow and green.

Unlike “Jessica Jones” and her purple, “Luke Cage” and his yellow, and even “Daredevil” with red, the series doesn’t make a huge effort to wash scenes in the character’s signature color. This is the first episode where yellows and greens start to make more of an appearance.

Madame Gao

The woman banging her cane and speaking creepily to Howard Meachum in the dark? You might recognize her as Madame Gao, a character audiences were introduced to in “Daredevil” who had a signature brand of heroin she was pushing. We only see her briefly here, but she’s got a larger role to play in the future.

Jeri Hogarth

Less of an Easter egg and more of a reminder that “it’s all connected” as the Marvel producers like to say, Jeri was a main character in the first season of “Jessica Jones.” She also popped up in season two of “Daredevil,” but in the comics, her story is really an “Iron Fist” story.

A male character that became female when Carrie-Ann Moss was cast, Jeryn Hogarth was the family attorney for the Rand’s in the comics.

She gets to maintain that identity here, to a degree. We find out she got her first job as a result of the Rand family, so there’s a sense of loyalty there.

Metro General

That hospital Joy takes her client by to convince him to sell his property? That’s the same one that got a lot of love on “Daredevil” and “Jessica Jones” where Claire Temple worked.

Last time we saw it, ninjas were scaling the walls and Claire was quitting her job to go home to Harlem.

The Ringmaster

Probably not something anyone will pick up on unless they check the credited cast for this episode, but the man leading the illegal cage fights is credited as “the Ringmaster.” The Ringmaster is an old school Marvel comic book villain who has had a few different incarnation, but he’s notable for leading the Circus of Crime and hypnotizing residents in towns that the circus (or in previous versions, carnival) rolls through.

Will he wind up a huge supervillain for the Marvel show? Unlikely. But it’s a nice nod since “Agents of SHIELD” recently introduced Ghost Rider, who also went up against the Circus of Crime in the comics.

So did the Hulk and both versions of Hawkeye for different storylines.

The Daughter of the Dragon

When Colleen needs to give herself a name to fight with, she chooses Daughter of the Dragon, which sounds pretty perfect even if you don’t know your comics. If you do, that’s the name of the detective agency she opens with Misty Knight, whom audiences were introduced to on “Luke Cage.” They don’t likely know one another yet, but in the comics they make for a fearsome duo, so it’s no doubt they will in the shows as well.

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