Danny finally gets back into the family business, though it might conflict with his duties as the “Iron Fist.” While he’s busy splitting his time between Rand and his duties, the show loads up on Easter eggs in “Eight Diagram Dragon Palm.”

Spoilers abound

If you aren’t caught up with the goings on in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this is your only warning! This Easter egg list contains spoilers for the shows and movies that are a part of the MCU, including “Iron Fist.”

'Climbing like a daredevil'

This probably would have been funnier if it was “Climbing like Daredevil,” but no one watching a Marvel series is going to think that daredevil is synonymous with adrenaline junkie before they think of Matt Murdock.

It’s a wink and a nod without really being an Easter egg.

Interestingly, in the Italian dub of the episode, it’s not Daredevil who gets the wall-climbing shout out, but Spider-man, which seems more appropriate.

Howard Meachum died... and came back

Howard, who has been under lock and key thanks to Madame Gao, died and was brought back to life thanks to The Hand. Sound like anyone else in the Marvel Netflix realm? It sounds like he and Elektra might have a lot in common.


One of the news outlets present when Danny is giving his statement to the press at Rand Enterprises, this station is all over New York. Marvel fans last saw it in Harlem in the first season of “Luke Cage” as reporters covered the action there.

The stickers under the desk

The monsters in the stickers that Danny placed under his father’s desk look like similar designs to some that graced the pages of Marvel’s comics during different early issues of “The Defenders.” One that stands out is Orrgo the Unconquerable who has a squat, rounded body, long arms, and huge eyes.

There’s also the “Thor” monster Mangog who has a red head and claws.

Colleen’s wardrobe

When Colleen heads back to the cage for another match, she’s wearing a white tracksuit. This is the closest thing she wears on the show to her comic book attire, where she seems to prefer wearing all white all the time. It must be a pain to get the blood of all of her enemies out of her clothes.

The Duke and Jimmy Pierce

Colleens opponents in the cage match this time around may be references to a pair of minor comic book characters. “The Duke” could be a call back to Duke Klaus Kruger who once tried to lure Daredevil into a trap and ended up paying for his trouble. He only appeared in two comics, so it’s hard to say for sure on that one. Jimmy Pierce, on the other hand, has a little more comics history.

Not only was he in the Special Forces, but he also became a Golden Gloves boxer and he went by the moniker of Hitman after the crime family he worked for wanted him to become the next Punisher. He actually teamed up with the real Punisher at one point to take them down. Will we see him again with the Punisher getting his own Netflix series?

Maybe. Probably not. Though, the man who appears as Jimmy Pierce has already done some fighting on “Daredevil” as well as one of the stunt performers, so, never say never.

'Don’t give the front page to Karen.'

After Ward Meachum spills his guts to a reporter, she gets on the phone, only to tell the person on the other end, “don’t give the front page to Karen.” Karen is Karen Page. If you caught season two of “Daredevil,” you know that she started working for the New York Bulletin after becoming disillusioned with Nelson and Murdock’s drama. At least we know that “Iron Fist” occurs some time after that happened in the Marvel timeline.

The heroin packet

Though the heroin comes back again in the next episode, Danny receives a packet at his door that should look familiar.

It’s the same heroin Madame Gao was distributing in “Daredevil,” complete with the line across the packet that looks a lot like Danny’s dragon tattoo without its wings.

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In “Under Leaf Pluck Lotus,” Claire Temple finally returns to the Marvel Netflix world and finds herself in the middle of Danny and Colleen’s lives.