One of the biggest superhero films last year to not disappoint fans (like “BVS” and “Suicide Squad”) was the comical and Meta “Deadpool." The movie came into being only after Ryan Reynolds fought stubborn studio executives for nearly a decade. Now that the first part was such as resounding success, the sequel is on its way in less than two years. We finally have our first look at “Deadpool 2," and it's dead on!

Self-aware and loving it!

If you have already watched the trailer (available below), then you must be quite excited for the upcoming sequel.

It’s a three and a half minute spot, but we barely see any action or violence presented in the scene. What we do get is something unexpected, and that just seems to be the Deadpool way! In the trailer, Wade Wilson happens upon an old man who is about to get mugged by a criminal. Instead of using this opportunity to showcase his bad-assery, we see Wilson rush into a telephone booth in order to change into his Deadpool outfit. This is clearly a stab at Superman and superheroes in general, and it’s a near-perfect joke.

Crammed into this scene are a bunch of valuable clues and Easter eggs -- a good indication of the level of detail being paid by the creators in order to make this feature stand out.

We see the words “Nathan Summers coming soon” written on the telephone booth, a clear reference to the character “Cable” who is expected to feature in this film.

We also see the action unfolding outside a theater that is playing “Logan," adding to the “meta-ness” of the situation, while a Stan Lee cameo is also crammed into the scene with Wilson calling the creator by his real name.

Just comical gold all round!

Change in management

The big change that is evident in this trailer is the overall tone that has been shifted from bright colors to a blue tint. This is possibly because the director of the first film – Tim Miller had a fall-out with the studio and left the project as a result. David Leitch is now the man in charge of the production, and hopefully he will do justice to this amazing franchise.