This may just be the most exciting year for fans of anthology series. A format that was virtually discarded for the sit-com set-up has made a re-emergence in the golden era of television, offering more variety and unique stories than any other genre of television. Hulu has already stepped into this space by announcing the release of Stephen King’s “Castle Rock”, but their second foray seems just a tad bit more exciting.

An error known as 404

Dimension 404” is an upcoming sci-fi fantasy series created by Dez Dolly, Will Campos, Dan Johnson and David Welch.

It has been named after the popular error code 404 that most people have come across during their time on the internet. The series will contain six episodes so far and will look to examine some interesting adventures that people encounter while surfing the seemingly infinite bowels of the internet.

The show has brought in some fascinating names to feature in the six story lines for far, and this includes the likes of Joel McHale (Community, The great indoors), Sarah Hyland (Modern family), Megan Mullally (Will and Grace), Lea Michelle (Glee, Scream queens) and Constance Wu (Fresh off the boat). Patton Oswalt, a man who is being actively sought out by a host of other upcoming series, will also feature in the series.

Another Twilight Zone?

Any anthology series that has premiered since the 60’s has directly/indirectly been compared to “The Twilight Zone”. The sci-fi series made such a massive impact on television and its viewers that it is hard to not make that comparison. The premise of “Dimension 404” does seem vaguely familiar as well, except for its direct connection to the world of cyber space.

According to Dolly, one of the creators of the Hulu series: “Dimension 404, for those not in the know, is a fun science fiction anthology show, which means you’re gonna get a brand new crazy story every week, featuring an exciting new cast”

Black Mirror” has already used the anthology format to brilliantly dissect our relationship with technology in general, and it looks like “Dimension 404” is looking to further this examination by focusing solely on the stories that can arise out of our time on the internet.

Considering how heavily our lives have gotten dependent on the World Wide Web, there is no doubt that this should be an exciting watch for fans of sci-fi and fantasy.

Dimension 404” will be out on April 4th 2017, but you can catch a preview of the show below: