It seems like fans have all been waiting forever for more news of the film adaptation of Stephen King’s classic book series, “The Dark Tower.” Now we get a tempting hint in the form of an exciting new poster for the movie.

It has taken years for the production of “The Dark Tower” movie to finally get underway. While the movie was originally set for a February release, it is now scheduled to release in theaters in July. That’s bad enough, but there has also been a noticeable lack of any form of an official trailer. As noted by Screen Rant, there was a rough draft trailer that was accidentally leaked online but that soon disappeared.

Everyone was expecting to see something in the way of a trailer for the upcoming movie around Christmas time, but it just didn’t happen and fans started to think the worst. In fact, apart from the odd hint on Twitter by the author King himself, it has been pretty quiet.

'The Dark Tower:' There are other worlds than these

Now, at long last, a poster has snuck out into the media. And not just any poster, this artistic creation is pretty darn clever. Looking at the image, it seems that Idris Elba, in the role of Roland Deschain, is walking along a street in New York with Tom Taylor, who plays Jake Chambers. However, they seem to be upside down, or is it the buildings that are flipped? Whoever designed this piece of art was crafty, as if you look closely, you will see that the clear space, bracketed by the buildings, actually forms the shape of the iconic "Dark Tower" itself – the Gunslinger's ultimate destination.

So, in effect, our heroes are actually walking in Mid-World.

Now look closely at the very top of the image (included below), and you will see Matthew McConaughey (who plays The Man in Black). As noted by the Nerdist, he is the one who is walking the streets of New York City, and hanging upside down on the poster with that emblematic skyline.

Stephen King shares 'The Dark Tower' film poster

The Film Poster was shared on Twitter by none other than King himself, with the tempting caption hinting “there are other worlds than these,” an iconic phrase “Dark Tower” fans and Constant Readers alike will remember well.

Now fans of both the author and the upcoming movie just have to hope no other delays hit the release of the "The Dark Tower" on July 28 and maybe, just maybe, a teaser trailer will magically appear to keep fans happy? Once that is all in place, the next thing to get excited about is an ongoing series from the books, should the film do well.