There are only a handful of authors around the world who are more easily recognizable than George R.R. Martin. The British writer has been the driving force behind one of the most famous television shows of all-time – “Game of Thrones,” while his book series “Song of fire and ice” is just as popular as the series. It is hard to imagine Martin take on any more responsibilities considering that fans have been waiting for a new installment in his series for nearly six years now, but it appears that the author is set to start a brand new venture in the field of film and television.

The Stagecoach foundation project

George R.R. Martin has made a huge change in his career by launching his own studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The studio will be called the Stagecoach Foundation project, and it will be a unique production facility that will work as a non-profit organization. The intent of this studio will be to work with new artists in the entertainment industry and allow them to showcase their talents with the help of a credible studio backing their work.

The studio will also be open to working with big names from within the industry, and it looks like the Coen brothers (The Big Lebowski, A Fish called Wanda) are already interested in working on a project at this location. According to the mayor of Santa Fe, Javier Gonzales, the opening of this studio will go a long way in bringing in more professionals to this part of the country.

The future of fire and ice

Being a sought-after artist or entertainer is certainly not easy in a bustling place like Hollywood. George R.R. Martin has the first-hand experience with being sucked into promotions and other distractions, which is why the author admitted that his new book had gotten so severely delayed.

Already the story line in “Game of Thrones” is far ahead of the one being played out in the “Song of Fire and Ice” series, and it is evident now that the show will in fact end by 2018. This means that Martin has a long way to catch up with the small screen version of his story, and the delay may only be prolonged due to his latest commitments.