When “Snowpiercer” was released in 2014, it hardly created buzz despite being one of the best dystopian action films of the year. The sci-fi saga told the story of a world in distress due to extreme environmental problems, with its citizens being forced to spend their lives in a train that constantly circled the planet. South Korean filmmaker Bong Joon-Ho was the mind behind this tremendous sleeper hit, and he is now ready to release his next film on Netflix.

The beast within

Much like “Snowpiercer," Bong Joon-Ho’s new film “Okja” will feature a story rich in allegory and action.

The film is centered around the life of Mija, a young girl residing in the mountains of South Korea with her best friend Okja -- a massive, seemingly mythical creature. The friendship between the young girl and her animal friend comes to a grinding halt when Okja is taken away by an evil corporation led by Tilda Swinton’s character, Lucy Mirando.

Mija must gather all her wit and courage in order to rescue her friend Okja from the clutches of a company that is clearly up to no good. She will meet many interesting characters along the way, some of whom will play an integral part in the eventual rescue of Okja. The film has a fascinating cast that includes the likes of Jake Gyllenhaal who is set to play a famous TV personality and zoologist in the film.

The cast also features Steven Yeun from “The Walking Dead," Paul Dano, and Lily Collins.

What to expect

Amidst all the recent white-washing controversies, it will be great to see a film set in South Korea that is actually directed by a South Korean filmmaker, and starring a young South Korean actress as well. Bong Joon-Ho will look to move away from science fiction despite the success of his last film, and aim to make a mark in the field of action/adventure in this feature.

Netflix has been working on some fascinating feature film scripts for original productions, and it can't get any more original than “Okja." The film is set to hit the streaming service on June 28.