The horror genre is seeing a resurgence like never before. We have now begun to expect consistent hits month after month, each film seemingly adding more depth to the previously lifeless genre. The latest entry to the list of must-watch horror in the coming months is Emilia Clarke’s “Voice from the Stone." The Supernatural Thriller just launched its first trailer, and it looks mysterious and quite ominous.

The walls have voices

The trailer introduces us to the central protagonists of this film, along with setting the mood and tone of this period film set in the early 50’s.

As we can see, Emilia Clarke's Verena is a nurse who is brought in to help with a tragic case involving a young boy Jacob who recently lost his mother.

After his mother’s passing, Jacob has gone completely silent, and it doesn’t appear that his troubles are purely psychological. Lurking within the massive walls of the sprawling Italian Castle are forces that the family isn’t even properly aware of yet. The only person seemingly affected thus far is young Jacob, and it is having tragic effects on his being.

We see Verena first attempt to befriend the boy and his father, Klaus (played by Marton Csokas), and eventually get drawn into the madness that unfolds inside the stone walls. Her relationship with the family gets deeply twisted as the trailer unfolds, and we eventually see her get consumed in the horrors.

What to expect

The film is an adaptation of a novel penned by Silvia Raffo, and is being directed by Eric Howell, a first time director with several solid short films behind him. The big draw for “Voice from the Stone” will be Emilia Clarke, who continues to grow in popularity much like the HBO show she stars in, “Game of Thrones."

Clarke has already put in considerable screen time in the recent past, and is riding on the wave of hits like “Me Before You," which eerily enough has a similar plot to “Voices from the Stone." The promising trailer and sturdy plot line makes this supernatural thriller a must-watch when it releases on April 28th, 2018. You can check out the chilling trailer below: