The 24th season of "Dancing With The Stars" premiered live on Monday night. Fans got to see the contestants dance with their new partners and show off their dance moves. As a viewer, all seemed well and the show went off without any problems. However, there is reportedly some backstage drama between Heather Morris and Nancy Kerrigan that may brings some controversy to an otherwise drama-free show.

Does Heather have an unfair advantage?

Heather Morris and Nancy Kerrigan are both on "Dancing With The Stars" this season. With Nancy's background as an ice skater, she is expected to go far.

Of course her real life friend, Heather, is a professional dancer and is considered to have an advantage over the other celebrity contestants.

On the Monday night premiere, there was some discussion of Heather's dancing career. She has received formal training but not in ballroom dancing. Viewers saw that the judges did mention that she needed to work on dancing with a partner more.

Rumors from behind the scenes

As reported by The Hollywood Gossip, a source close to the show says there has been some snark among the other contestants towards Heather. Even though it is a different type of dancing, Heather can pick up a routine in a matter of hours that is taking the others days. The source also shared that Nancy wouldn't even speak to Heather on the evening of the premiere.

She is really upset to have to compete against Heather.

At the end of the night, Nancy and Heather were tied for third place. According to the source, Heather was not happy about it! She even claimed the judges hadn't been fair to her.

Ashley Edens, the executive producer of "Dancing With The Stars" spoke out in an interview.

She says that Heather's dancing background will not give her an advantage this season. Because of her experience, she is being judged with higher expectations than a normal beginner.

With beef between contestants this early in the season, viewers can expect some drama this season. And if Heather was complaining about being unfairly judged at the end of the first performance, fans can start a pool now as to how often news of that complaint leaks off the set.