Abby Lee Miller surprised everyone when she revealed that she quits as the “Dance Moms” host. In a lengthy message on her Instagram page, the 50-year-old choreographer exposed all her sentiments and problems she has encountered with the producers of the reality television series.

In an interview with E! News, the famous dance instructor revealed the real reason what made her decide to suddenly resign from the show. In her bare it all exposé, she narrated that the show’s producers have ruined their working relationship by embarrassing her in front of her students at Abby Lee Dance Company during a dance competition on Sunday.

The reason why she quits the reality television series

Abby said that lifetime and Collins Avenue Productions along with everyone that it has employed in the show have no respect for her and her business. She even got emotional as she went on to tell that a woman, who she has never seen before and badly wanted to be on TV, chased her in front of everyone that she believed was instructed by a man.

Her confusion is even added with her controversial connection with the high-profile children she teaches and their families that made her realized how they could do that to her. The controversies she is into just get heavier and it now affecting even her studio business. She, too, started to worry when they indicated in her contract that “Dance Moms” can end anytime, not securing her future.

With all this adding up, it made her come out with this decision.

Abby’s comments about her new replacement

Meanwhile, Abby also talked about the coming of Cheryl Burke as her replacement in “Dance Moms.” It looks like she wants to warn the “Dancing with the Stars” professional what she is trying to go into as she already had a good life in her own show.

She said that with the costume makers and producers she has in “DWTS,” it is like she is stepping down to her role enduring what she had been through every day while still in “Dance Moms.” Hence, she thinks that she can’t make it that long unless Lifetime will treat her very special and she’s very sure of it. She, too, bets that the network is ready to spend a lot of money just to prove that it doesn't need her.