Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo got married last November, but they're planning on parenthood soon. Her other two sisters, Jessa Seewald and Jill Dillard, are already mothers. Jessa Seewald has two boys, one-year-old Spurgeon and one-month-old Henry; Jill Dillard is a mom to her baby, Israel, and she's pregnant with her second son now. Will Jinger Duggar become a mother soon, too? Or will she and her husband wait a few more years?

Jinger's baby fever, or lack thereof

Unlike her other siblings, Jinger Duggar is more focused on married life than motherhood.

She wants children, but she's not ready for them just yet. According to an Inquisitr article, she and Jeremy Vuolo are worried about adjusting to life after their wedding. "This is not itself the essence of marriage but is often a beautiful gift within the covenant union," Jeremy Vuolo said on the topic of children. He sounds like he could wait, but his wife may hold a different sentiment. Even Derick and Jill Dillard made their own predictions about the couple's pregnancy plans. "They're going to be expecting soon. My prediction was before the end of the year, before they were even courting," the missionaries said. While their loved ones want them to have a baby, Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo are focused on their church in Laredo, Texas.

Jinger's other babies

She may wait to have children, but she's already like a mother to her nieces and nephews. Before she and her husband left for the Lone Star State, she spent so much quality time with Spurgeon and Israel, in particular. Unfortunately, she missed the birth of Jessa Seewald's youngest child. The only people present were her husband, Ben Seewald, her mother, Michelle Duggar, and her older sister, Jana Duggar.

Jessa Seewald's birth was a bittersweet moment because she had her son, but without her best friend, Jinger Duggar, there. "I'm really, really excited for them, but I'm also sad that she's gonna be moving away. She won't be around when the baby arrives," Jessa Seewald said of her sister's nuptials.