Charlie Sheen joined Craig Robinson ("Mr. Robot," "The Office") and host Andy Cohen on "Watch What Happens Live" January 11. Sheen is doing the rounds promoting his direct-to-TV movie called "Mad Families." Sheen played the usual WWHL games with Cohen, revealing the most unusual place he’s had sex and the most he’s spent in a strip club. But the real dirt came out when he made a joke about Jennifer Grey’s career taking a nosedive, ahem, after some plastic surgery. “Talk about a nose job ruining a career,” he said. Other Celebrities that came under fire: Rihanna, Ashton Kutcher, Lindsay Lohan, Jenny McCarthy and Selma Blair.

Charlie Sheen v. Rihanna, round two

“Oh that bitch?” said Sheen referring to Rihanna. “She abandoned common courtesy and common sense.” Sheen, an avid Tweeter, famously got into a Twitter feud with Rihanna in 2014 over her alleged lack of social graces. Then Cohen asked him his thoughts on Ashton Kutcher replacing him on the show “Two and Half Men.” “Who?” said Sheen with a grin. During another game, Cohen asked Sheen to rate his favorite to least favorite co-stars. Heather Locklear got high marks. Lindsay Lohan got more of a pass than a fail. “Lindsay’s a trip. She’s work but she’s cool.” Sheen reserved the worst grades for Selma Blair and Jenny McCarthy. “They deserve each other.”

Charlie Sheen for President?

Regarding his sex life, one might think Sheen has little left to disclose.

But Cohen unearthed a couple new details. The strangest place Sheen has had sex? The elevator at the Eiffel Tower of course. The actor, who called himself “radically single,” has also spent over $30,000 in one visit to a strip club. During the episode, the audience was asked to rank Sheen on a “winning” scale from 1 to 10. Sheen got a cool six.

And The Donald doesn’t have to worry any time soon. An overwhelming majority voted that Sheen should not be president. Sheen finished the show on a more serious note saying that his health is good. He also dispelled the biggest misconception people have about him: “That I'm bipolar or insane. I’m actually quite thoughtful and rooted in all things logical.” He can bring those qualities to his next Twitter feud.