Congratulations are in order for Blac Chyna for continuing to stick to her diet and fitness regimen. The "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" castoff is just 11 pounds away from her goal weight and needless to say, she is excited.

Blac Chyna promised and delivered a post baby body snap back

Chyna has vocal about her frustration with baby daddy Rob Kardashian for failing to keep up with his workouts and diet is proving that she has what it takes to bounce back. After giving birth to baby Dream Kardashian in November 2016, Chyna has revealed that she has dropped a whopping 51 pounds in just over four months.

Blac Chyna has been pretty open with her fans about the weight she gained during pregnancy and how she has been losing it. Chyna was tipping the scales at 192 pounds when she gave birth to Dream. Her goal is to get down to 130, giving her just 11 more pounds until she reaches that goal.

To further prove her progress, Chyna snapped a picture of herself standing on a bathroom scale. The number on the digital scale read 141.5, which isn't bad considering how recently she gave birth to her newest child. Chyna also showed off a selfie of her shrinking body and in all honesty, she could stop losing weight right now because she looks fantastic.

Can Rob Kardashian follow suit?

When Blac Chyna initially announced her pregnancy with Rob Kardashian's baby, she said she was going to gain 100 pounds.

The former stripper turned reality star said that she planned on eating whatever she wanted and didn't care about her weight gain. Chyna's goal was to gain as much as she wanted, enjoying rich foods along the way. After Dream was born, she vowed to work that weight off quickly and bounce back as many celebrities tend to do.

Well, Blac Chyna did it and her bounce back has been enviable. Now if only she could reunite with Rob Kardashian and carry on a healthy relationship with the "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star. When Chyna and Rob first started dating, she was an amazing inspiration for Rob to get in better shape.Fans of the reality show were baffled by the coupling but were happy that Rob was getting help. Now that the two have split, it looks like Blac Chyna has not had any trouble getting herself back in shape.