After taking a few days off from insulting and attacking people on social media, Donald Trump returned to Twitter on Friday afternoon. In an attempt to smear House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Trump repeated a spelling mistake on more than one occasion

Trump on Twitter

Ever since being sworn into office, the controversy surrounding President Donald Trump and Russia has reached a fever pitch. Last month, retired Gen. Michael Flynn was forced to resign as National Security Advisor after it was revealed he had communication with a Russian offical late last year.

Earlier this week, the Washington Post reported that current Attorney General Jeff Sessions failed to disclose private communications he had with Russian officials during the campaign, leading to congressional Democrats to call for his resignation. In response, Trump lashed out on Twitter, accusing top Democrats of their own lies to Russia, which was evident in a series of tweets on Friday. As reported by The Hill on March 3, Trump's rush to social media was done without proofreading his messages.

On Friday afternoon, Donald Trump called for an investigation into Rep.

Nancy Pelosi, citing a recent article from Politico that showed the Democrat having dinner with the former President of the Russia, and their ambassador in 2010. "I hereby demand a second investigation, after Schumer, of Pelosi for her close ties to Russia, and lying about it," Trump wrote on Twitter. However, it took the former host of "The Apprentice" three tries to get it right, after he continued to misspell the word "hereby." First sending out using the spelling "hear by," Trump then deleted his message, and substituted the word with "hearby." On the third time around, the president correctly spelled the word "hereby."

Trolled on Twitter

In response, Merriam-Webster Dictionary trolled Donald Trump on their own Twitter account.

"OK, OK. Here. Bye," the tweet wrote. This isn't the first time the dictionary has corrected the president's spelling mistakes on Twitter, most notably being his spelling of "unpresidented" instead of "unprecedented."

In addition to Merriam-Webster, actor George Takei was quick to mock Donald Trump on social media, tweeting, "Don't worry, Donald. Once Betsy DeVos finishes destroying education in America, everyone will spell as poorly as you do." As of press time, the commander in chief has not responded the trolling over his spelling errors.