When people gain weight, they blame it on a lot of things. Iconic singer Barbra Streisand claims President Donald Trump is making her fat. Streisand says the new president is making her eat a lot more than she is accustomed to eating. The singer and actress didn't beat around the bush. She came right out and said in her post on Twitter that Donald Trump is making her gain weight.

The 74-year-old celebrity said she begins her day by consuming liquids. After she hears the morning news, she eats her favorite meal which includes pancakes smothered in maple syrup.Then after she hears more news about Trump, she eats more pancakes.

What causes Streisand to eat more pancakes?

Streisand said what recently made her eat more pancakes was that she heard the news that Donald Trump has accused Obama of wire-tapping his Trump Tower phones during the presidential campaign. The ten-time Grammy-award winning singer backed Meryl Streep last January when she said something about President Trump during her Golden Globes speech.

The singer was a Hillary Clinton supporter during the campaign. She has spoken out about Trump on several occasions. She wrote an essay for The Huffington Post titled "Clueless, Reckless, Graceless, Mindless and Heartless: Our President Elect." She is convinced that President Trump is both dangerous and unfit for office.

During the campaign, the singer threatened to move to Australia or Canada if Trump became president. She hasn't moved yet. Instead, she says she is getting fat.

How Trump affects weight

Streisand does look heavier in recent photos.

So maybe eating pancakes a couple of times a day might not be a joke. Since President Trump is expected to be in the White House for four years, there she will likely eat many more pancakes.

While Trump is causing Streisand to gain weight, his presidency has the opposite effect on Lena Dunham because she says she is losing weight over what Trump is doing and saying.

Last month, the "Girls" actress and creator, said since Trump won the election she has been too upset to eat like she used to.

Has any obvious change taken place in your life since Donald Trump became President of the United States?