When "iZombie" closed out it's sophomore season on The CW network with the two hour television finale, "Salivation Army," Clive was ushered into a new era of his life and career that placed him in a position of knowledge regarding the controlled outbreak of zombies in his city. Life for Liv and Ravi, now staring down a relationship with Peyton, had returned to normalcy at the morgue while Major had dodged the majority of any impending legal difficulties he was facing.

Max Rager traded ownership in a bloody, money infested coup that found a new group of zombies in charge of Vaughn's energy drink empire.

Now that the season finale left almost all the bad guys dead, who will be the new "iZombie" big bad in season three?

Major and Liv are both zombies

Liv and Major have never been more on the same page and equal footing as they are right now as zombies. The couple just couldn't catch a break but now that they're both zombies it clears a path for them to be together, something that Liv has wanted deep down for some time. As to the writers going that route is anyone's guess, but they sure clicked as they worked together like military assassins. It's possible they have a bloody good future together.

Ravi and Peyton have a Blaine issue

Ravi has a distinct disdain for Blaine, who so happens to be Peyton's ex-boyfriend, so who can really blame him?

While the fans are most likely cheering for Ravi and Peyton to get together, Blaine will probably be the monkey wrench that muddies the water for season three and makes it difficult for anyone to get what they want. You must give Blaine points for killing Kenny and rescuing Peyton, but where does the line get drawn for these two young ex-lovers?

It's safe to say that the situation for Ravi is heartbreaking and his feelings towards Peyton seem genuine.

The Max Rager zombie bloodbath was one of the finest moments of the show so far and saw Liv, Major and Clive decimating zombies like they were cockroaches. Clive declined Liv's offer to become a zombie, and who could blame him, but did they foreshadow a moment in the future where there's no other choice?

Regardless, Liv is going to have a long conversation with Clive once some normalcy returns to the matter so they can discuss their new partnership and how zombies and humans can work side by side without conflict.

There's a new corporation in town

Max Rager is now owned by Vivian and seems to be protected by the zombie soldiers of Fillmore Graves Enterprises. We last saw the group as they feasted upon singer Rob Thomas, his skull split wide open, oozing the brains they so hungrily devoured. You just know that writer, producer and co-creator of "iZombie" and "Veronica Mars," Rob Thomas, waited years to film this comical inside joke.

Vivian was pretty blunt when she requested Liv join Fillmore Graves Enterprises in supporting what she called the new world order.

It seemed more like a demand than a request or offer, and frankly Liv has little choice right now but to say yes, but we are fundamentally unclear as to what capacity Liv would serve in this new order. Just how close is the zombie population in Seattle to becoming uncontrolled? "iZombie" is slated to return in April, so we'll all have to tune in to season three to find out.