Austin Forsyth will forever be known as Joy-Anna Duggar's boyfriend. If they get married, he'll be forever known as her husband -- if they make it to that stage. Even though he and his girlfriend are very young, they're in a courtship with a wedding on the horizon. Before they walk down the aisle, they have to first go through Joy-Anna Duggar's father, Jim Bob. A recent episode showed a nervous Austin Forsyth asking for his girlfriend's hand in courtship. Her father said yes, but their conversation felt more like a job interview than an exciting moment.

Did he get the job?

Austin Forsyth and Jim Bob Duggar sat down to talk about one woman: Joy-Anna Duggar. The young man wants to enter into a courtship, but he has to get her father's permission first. As they converse in the Christian's office space, Austin Forsyth lists the reasons why he's interested in Joy-Anna Duggar, and why he should enter into a relationship with her. Jim Bob Duggar listens to him for a minute, before he relays a similar sentiment. "I think Joy is going to be very surprised because she is not expecting a courtship to take place at this point, but Austin I think is ready, and I think Joy is really ready. They are both very mature, and I think they make a good match," according to the patriarch.

Before he leaves, Austin Forsyth shakes his hand, and he states, "Thank you, sir." While the moment should have been sweet, it felt like a very tense job interview and acceptance speech. Hopefully, the moment was just awkward because of the cameras and crew.

Another year, another wedding?

The Duggar patriarchy just witnessed Jinger Duggar marry Jeremy Vuolo, a reformed pastor, in November 2016.

The other daughters, Jessa Seewald and Jill Dillard, married their husbands in 2015 and 2014, respectively. If the family continues to follow the pattern, then Joy-Anna Duggar will have a 2017 wedding. Will she and Austin Forsyth live happily ever after, or will the fairytale end before it even begins? Fans will have to tune in to find out.