Billy Miller portrays Jason Morgan, and Donnell Turner plays Curtis Ashford on the last standing ABC daytime drama, "General Hospital.'' Fans are so thrilled when these two men are on screen together, that many are saying that Jason and Curtis are going to be the next great Bromance. Their characters have such dynamic chemistry, that some are referring to them as a super couple.

Great Bromances

There have been many male friends who bonded in such a way that their platonic relationship was so close, that it endeared them to others. The terminology to define this type of relationship is bromance.

Some people consider former president Barack Obama, and former Vice president Joe Biden to have such a relationship, one of love and respect that does not cross sexual lines.

The characters Shawn and Corey on "Boy Meets World" were great friends from childhood, all the way through college. And when Corey married, his wife realized he was a package deal. It was the same for Shawn and Gus, on "Psych." They were childhood friends, who grew up and began running a detective agency together. Shawn's girlfriend Juliet had no problem with the closeness of the two men. When Shawn finally proposed, Gus had tears in his eyes as he screamed for her to say yes. When she did, Juliet replied that it was to both of them.

What makes Curtis and Jason so super?

Curtis and Jason just met less than 6 months ago. Even so, they have hit it off in an amazing way. They have been getting closer as they have worked together as detectives. On the Friday, March 10th episode of "General Hospital," Jason traded places with Robin Scorpio Drake who had been strapped to a motion sensitive bomb in the hospital elevator.

Curtis, without thinking twice, got into the elevator and stood next to Jason.

On today's March 13th episode of "GH," the dynamic duo simultaneously cut the correct two wires on the bomb, and saved the day. The smile they gave each other and the chemistry between them was so genuine, that if Billy Miller and Donnell Turner are acting only, they are certainly doing a bang up job.

If the writers heed the response of the fans, dismantling a bomb will only be the beginning of what we see accomplished from this budding super couple.

There have been rumors floating around that Steven Burton, the original Jason Morgan, may return to the role. If he does the chemistry with Curtis will definitely be different. For now, Jason and Curtis fans can enjoy the ride and have fun until it ends.