Netflix finally announced the coming of “A Series of Unfortunate EventsSeason 2, although in a hard way. The streaming service dropped the entire eight episodes of the show’s first season on January 13 and fans are now looking forward to seeing its second installment.

The first chapter featured the first four novels – “The Bad Beginning,” “The Reptile Room,” “The Wide Window,” and “The Miserable Mill – of the 13-part novel series with the same title. Daniel Handler, also known as Lemony Snicket, who penned the famous children lit, wrote the television adaptation and got more critically acclaimed.

A secret message from Lemony Snicket

After Netflix had released the first chapter of the black comedy-drama, Daniel Handler told The Verge in January that he along with other writers were already working on “A Series of Unfortunate Events” Season 2. Two months have passed; the entertainment company officially announced the coming of the second installment.

The announcement came with a trailer that featured coded messages that were used by the secret organization VFD. There were highlighted letters that would bring the viewers to a website,

From here, fans would see a message from Lemony Snicket himself. “It has come to my attention that, despite my repeated warnings, you have viewed the Netflix adaptation of my distressing work, known collectively as ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events." He went on to say that he is sure some already binged watched the series, in spite of doing something else that is worth their while.

“To my horror, Netflix has been encouraged by this and funneled their ill-gotten gains towards the second season of this unhappy and unnerving series.”

Author talks about the coming 2nd installment

Details about the upcoming “A Series of Unfortunate Events” Season 2 remains under wraps, but Daniel Handler earlier revealed that there would be a total of 10 episodes that would cover the series’ next five chapters.

The 47-year-old writer told Entertainment Weekly that he is in deep connection with the second chapter. In fact, he has been working in his dining room with another team of writers, and he now loves its result.

He, too, is now looking forward to the confirmation of A Series of Unfortunate Events” Season 3. The journalist also teased that the second installment would end on “The Carnivorous Carnival,” thus the third chapter would feature the remaining of the novel.

Hence, fans can now expect to see the coming of “The Austere Academy,” “The Ersatz Elevator,” “The Vile Village,” “The Hostile Hospital,” and “The Carnivorous Carnival” on the small screens.