Kate Middleton isn't pregnant at this time but rumor has it, she and her husband, Prince William, want to add another bundle of joy to their brood. For years, sources have claimed that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge wanted at least three children. Since they welcomed their second child, Princess Charlotte, in 2015, fans of the royal couple have been anxiously awaiting another pregnancy announcement from Kensington Palace. So far, all has been quiet on the baby news front.

Is Duchess Kate too thin to carry another child?

A new report published online suggests that Middleton is too thin to carry another child.

The report calls her "anorexic" and "bulimic" and goes so far as to say that the royals are looking into having a surrogate carry their third child. Of course, these rumors have circulated in the past as Duchess Kate is quite thin (but also very lean/athletic) -- so this is nothing new. However, Middleton hasn't had any issues carrying a baby at all. The only thing that she does have to deal with is hyperemesis gravidarum, which is described as very severe morning sickness.

The possibility of a third royal baby still exists

William and Kate have wanted their children to be close in age. In fact, just after Prince George turned one, the royal couple announced that they were expecting their second child.

Princess Charlotte will be two in May, so many people were practically positive that another baby would be well on its way by now -- but the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have cooled it on the baby-making. At 35-years-old, Kate Middleton would be considered high-risk by many doctors but that doesn't mean that she's done having children.

If she and William decide they want a third child, they could have some baby news by the end of 2017.

Two children are a royal handful

It's also possible that the royal couple is done having children as they have their hands full with the two kids they already have. Two toddlers running around the house is no joke and it's something that they have both spoken to over the past year. Maybe they will just be a happy family of four, who knows?