As Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan prepare for the upcoming premiere of the second film of their "Fifty Shades" trilogy, "Fifty Shades Darker," fans are wondering about the private lives of both actors.

Since the "Fifty Shades" trilogy began filming years ago, rumors have swirled in regard to the possibility of Johnson and Dornan's off-screen romance, but there is absolutely nothing going on between them. At the time production began, Johnson was dating musician Matthew Hitt, and Dornan has remained married to his wife Amelia Warner for the entirety of the series.

Dakota Johnson and Matthew Hitt split last year

Following two years of dating, the Daily Mail reported that Johnson and Hitt had parted ways. According to the report last summer, Johnson, and Hitt were first seen together in July 2014 and continued on with their relationship as Johnson filmed super sexy scenes with her on-screen love interest, Dornan. While the couple never explained the exact reason behind their decision to part ways, reports at the time of their split last year suggested it was the distance between them that led them to grow apart.

Dakota Johnson has been linked to Jake Gyllenhaal and Andrew Garfield

In the midst of her romance with Hitt, which was said to have been up and down for years, Johnson was linked to Gyllenhaal, whom she had allegedly had a fling with years prior.

"She's the one," a source told Star magazine of their rumored attraction. "They met up last summer, and the sparks were flying all over the place, but she turned him down again and stayed with Matthew Hilt."

Following Johnson's split from Hitt, the actress was briefly linked to Andrew Garfield, who previously dated actress Emma Stone.

According to a rumor last August, the two had hit it off as they prepared to film their upcoming movie, "Under the Silver Lake." However, since the report was made, the two have not been seen together.

To see more of Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan, check out "Fifty Shades Darker" when the film hits theaters later today.