Netflix just released the first teaser for one of their new shows, "dear white people," and, obviously, some white people aren't very happy about it. The show was originally a full-length film that was released in 2014. The film follows Samantha White, a bi-racial woman with a radio show called "Dear White People." The movie made $4.6 million at the box office, and currently has a 91% approval on Rotten Tomatoes. Now, the original plot is back as a show with a brand new cast.

Trailer release and #BoycottNetflix

Currently, the trailer has 214,057 views, 2,559 likes, and 47,951 dislikes on YouTube.

Moments after the trailer was released, angry viewers took to Twitter and started using #BoycottNetflix to vent their frustrations about the show. Many viewers accused the show of anti-white racism and questioned what would happen if a show like this was created about other races. Multiple trolls also used the hashtag to spew racist remarks about blacks and praise Donald Trump.

Later on, fans of the original film began responding to people outraged by the new trailer.

Tessa Thompson pokes fun

After the trailer released, Tessa Thompson, the actress from the original cast, decided to make some jokes on Twitter.

She also clowned some racist haters, and took the time to express excitement for the new show.

The main star responds

Logan Browning, the new leading lady, decided to respond to the controversy head-on.

Logan is reprising the role of Samantha White. Currently, it is unknown whether or not any of the original cast will be involved in the project. Justin Simien, the original creator of the film, appears to have some involvement in the new show, and has also responded to the backlash on Twitter from his own account.

Show cancellation?

Netflix has yet to officially respond to the controversy surrounding the new show and its trailer. It is currently unknown how many subscriptions were actually lost as a result of the show. The show will be released on April 28, 2017 exclusively on Netflix.