Recently, the folks over at got to chat it up with one of "The Walking Dead's" newest stars, Pollyanna Mcintosh (left), who plays the leader of the new group that call themselves: "The Heapsters." Her character's name is Jadis, and if you'll recall from episode 10, she definitely doesn't play any games. She's all about business and what Rick and company can do for her group. Luckily, he was finally able to convince her that ,just maybe, he can help them out after defeating, what appeared to be, a walker monster that was covered with sharp sticks or something sticking out of it.

Whatever it was, it was freaking hideous.

She's not going to like him

Anyways, after that, Rick was able to strike up a deal with Jadis to get their help. The deal requires that they round up a whole bunch of freaking guns for them, along with some other minor details that involves math and percentages. We don't deal with math here, sorry. In Polyanna's interview, she revealed what her character, Jadis, might think of Negan when she first encounters him, because apparently, they've never met the Saviors despite living in close proximity to them, or at least, that's what they're claiming.

Judging from her statement, it sounds like Jadis would quickly share the same opinion as Rick and company.

She said that she probably wouldn't like Negan one bit. His arrogance and pride would really be too much for her to handle, and would feel a great need to take him down, immediately. So, that definitely does sound like encouraging words if that's what ends up, happening.

New intel on Daryl

In related news, we also got some insight into why Daryl decided to leave the Kingdom in episode 10.

His portrayer, Norman Reedus, delivered the intel to EW in a special interview, telling them that he was just, basically fed up and didn't want to sacrifice his friends in order to get help, taking down the Saviors. He's now ready to just take this matter into his own hands. So, it sounds like we're about to see some exciting and very interesting stuff from Daryl to wrap up this season. Episode 11 is due to hit the airwaves this Sunday night, February 26th at 8pm central time on AMC. Stay tuned.