Eclectic versatile actor Nicolas Cage has several movies scheduled for release this year. The newest trailer for "Vengeance: a love story" (Saturn Films, Cage’s production company/Patriot Pictures) is currently available on You Tube.

Joyce Carol Oates dark novel comes to cinema

The movie is based on the 2003 novel “Rape: A Love Story” by Joyce Carol Oates. It’s a dark, vigilante thriller about a woman who is a rape victim who has been brutally abused by four drug addicts. The 12-year-old daughter flags down Nicolas Cage, who plays a Niagara Falls Police Detective, John Dromoor.

He is assigned to investigate the case and protect the victimized mother. They take a huge risk by caring for the men after they are released from jail on bail. The mother vows to make the guilty men pay and becomes a fierce advocate for her daughter. The parents of the rapists end up hiring one of the top defense criminal lawyers; Jay Kirkpatrick, played by Don Johnson, who tries to shift the focus of the evidence away from the defendants and puts the victims on trial; even though the girl’s testimony should be enough evidence for the men to be convicted. Detective Dromoor decides to take matters into his own hands to protect the lives of the three women.

The screenplay was written by John Mankiewicz and is directed by Johnny Martin.

Nicolas Cage was originally going to direct the film but dropped out of directing suddenly. The film was shot in Atlanta, GA.

The trailer contains sex and violence scenes and is very disturbing.

You must to be very brave to watch it or be a die-hard Nic Cage fan!

Nicolas Cage re-teams with his brother Marc Coppola

The film, which recently finished filming last year; also stars Anna Hutchison, Don Johnson, Talitha Bateman, Deborah Kara Unger, Joshua Mikel, Michael Papajohn, Mike Pniewski, Elizabeth Hunter, and Nicolas Cage’s brother Marc Coppola as Dr.

Collins. Coppola was in “Vampire’s Kiss” and his other brother, Christopher was in the movie, “Arsenal” and directed the film, “Deadfall.” Marc is a disc jockey for WAXQ 104.3 radio in New York City.

No official release date has been scheduled.