Scheana Marie Shay and her co-stars will come to blows on tonight's new episode of "Vanderpump Rules." Following a dispute between the reality star and her co-stars, including Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute, a sneak peek at the upcoming episode has shown even more turmoil over katie maloney's wedding planning.

During the preview clip, which was shared by Entertainment Tonight, the ladies of the Bravo reality series are seen sitting down for dinner when the issues between Shay and her co-stars are brought up. As Maloney explained to the women, she doesn't want to deal with any negativity when it comes to the process of planning her wedding.

Scheana Marie Shay feuded with her co-stars over the bridal shower

As fans may recall, Shay confronted Schroeder and Doute during last week's episode after discovering Maloney's bridal shower had cost thousands of dollars -- and that she was responsible for paying a percentage of the bill. According to Shay, she shouldn't be held accountable for charges she didn't approve. While she found the idea of spending thousands of dollars on a bridal shower to be ridiculous, Maloney's fun event turned out great and included a number of special guests, including Lisa Vanderpump.

Shay claims she gets mean text messages from Maloney

After Maloney brought up an issue with Shay, claiming she had grown distant during the process of planning her wedding, Shay admitted to feeling upset about Maloney's tendency to send her mean text messages.

As she explained, Maloney is a different person when she drinks and she doesn't enjoy her aggressive behavior.

After Shay pointed out her issues with Maloney and her drunken behavior, Maloney quickly fired back at her, suggesting people often say she's fake. "Then why the f**k are you friends with me if I'm fake?!" Shay asks. "Don't be my friend!"

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