As the 89th annual Academy Awards came to a close, the "Best Picture" winner was announced, with "La La Land" taking home the honors. Moments later, it was revealed that there was a mistake, which gave many Twitter users a few ideas of their own.

Oscars blunder

After a night that celebrated the year's best films, along with a few jabs at President Donald Trump, the evening was coming to an end. To close out the Academy Awards, Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty took to the stage to announce the winner for "Best Picture." As he opened the envelope, Beatty looked confused, while looking around awkwardly at Dunaway and the audience.

Beatty handed the envelope to Dunaway who announced that "La La Land" had won the big prize. As the cast came on stage to celebrate, producer Jordan Horowitz turned to the audience and said, "There's been a mistake. 'Moonlight won." Surprise and confusion took over the room, as awkward jokes were told to highlight how uncomfortable the moment had become. As seen on Twitter on February 27, social media users mocked the ending of the show by calling back to the 2016 election.

"OMG! A huge fu**-up in who won!" filmmaker Michael Moore wrote on Twitter early Monday morning, before adding in all caps, "HILLARY CLINTON IS PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!" "Trump is tweeting right now, "Oscars are rigged.

Very unfair!" Sad," comedian Bill Maher added.

"Okay now do the election," GQ staff writer Zach Baron tweeted out.

Jeet Heer, senior editor of The New Republic gave his thoughts on the ending of the Academy Awards, taking a shot at Russia and their hack of the Democratic National Committee in the process. "First Putin messed up the American elections, now the Oscars," He tweeted, while stating, "It never ends."

Next up

In addition to the debacle to close the Academy Awards, the show also included criticism of Donald Trump.

Host Jimmy Kimmel opened the evening with a monologue that hit back at the president over his obsessive Twitter habit, which even included the host tweeting to the commander in chief during the live broadcast. As of press time, Trump has not responded to the roast at the Oscars.