Neil Druckmann, the writer of "The Last Of Us" and "Uncharted 4," has not seen the script for the "Uncharted" film adaption. The film has had a long and troubled production, with many screenwriters, directors, and actors being attached and leaving. But now, it seems as if the film will finally be a reality.

Joe Carnahan, writer of films such as "The A-Team" and "The Grey" recently finished his screenplay for the "Uncharted" film, and his comments have gained a bit of controversy with fans and the developers of the series

Uncharted territory

The "Uncharted" series is a franchise from Naughty Dog, and Sony that has been lauded by gaming critics for its action set pieces and cinematic storytelling.

The series revolves around the wisecracking adventure hunter, Nathan Drake, as he explores ancient ruins, hazardous jungles, and lost civilizations to seek out his fortune.

Accompanying Drake throughout his adventures are longtime companions such as Victor Sullivan- Drake's old cigar-chomping mentor, Elena Fisher- an aspiring journalist who becomes romantically involved with Drake, and Chloe Frasier- Drake's morally ambiguous colleague and femme fatalle.

The series made its debut on the PS3 and had spawned four numerical entries and many spinoffs. Each installment has been met with critical praise towards its cast and writing. So, it's no surprise that such a revered franchise would be greenlit for a movie.


When Joe Carnahan revealed that he wrote the film with an R-Rating in mind, fans were a little taken back.

Each entry in the series has been given a Teen rating from the ESRB, so it's a bit perplexing why a film adaption would go for an R-Rating. When Neil Druckmann, writer of the "Uncharted" series and developer at Naughty Dog, was asked about the film's tone, he responded with the following tweet: "No one at Naughty Dog has read the script.

No idea what the movie is about let alone its tone."

No Support?

The film caught Druckmann's attention again when Carnahan claimed that Naughty Dog was pleased with the script. Below is a tweet from Druckmann:

If a series as beloved as this is going to make the transition to film, it's a bit perplexing as to why the development team behind the characters and world fans love would be kept in the dark and not shown the script.