Current season coming to an end

"Too Close To Home" is coming to the end of season 2. The dedicated fans of the show can't imagine Wednesday nights without a trip to Happy, Alabama. As these same dedicated fans know, we have not yet gotten official word of a renewal for a season 3. The eighth and final episode of the season is called "Blurred Lines." There are no leaks or spoilers for the episode, as is normal for this Tyler Perry series. Fans go into each episode with mainly the TV Guide description of the episode as the only clue as to what will be happening.

Tyler Perry put together a winner with this show. He has written and produced many shows and brought that expertise to life with "Too Close To Home." The characters were cast perfectly and have made the roles come to life. And viewers sat up and took notice. Season 1 was an eight episode season. Each episode rose in ratings. That is an accomplishment to draw in new viewers each week to an ongoing series. TLC was impressed enough that they didn't waste any time signing a season 2 just weeks into season 1.

Ratings continue to improve

Now here we are in season 2. Again the ratings climbed each and every week. Then episode 6 on February 8th came and there was an unexplained drop in viewership of over 12%.

The next week another drop of almost 5%. Why? That seems to be the question. TLC has never had an originally scripted series before. They seem to have put the show on and did little to promote it. When you search the internet for information, there are very few interviews and even less media coverage to support the show.

The cast, however, is another story!

They are amazing and love their fans. During the airing of the show, they live Tweet with fans. Not just sometimes, but every episode. They interact, joke, and answer questions. They encourage the fans to let them know what they think. And that isn't where it stops. There are Facebook groups as well that the cast members are in.

Again, they use social media to interact with their fans.

Everyone make sure to tune in to Happy, Alabama for the season finale. Let's show TLC that we want to see more of Tyler Perry's "Too Close To Home.