Chrissy Metz has the role of Kate Pearson on the hit show, "This Is Us." When she was selected to be a part of the popular NBC series, she had less than a dollar to her name. Actually, her checking account showed a balance of only 81 cents. She now has a starring role on a series that has been renewed for two more seasons, which is giving her job security.

Actress' struggle

The 36-year-old star was transparent and opened up to Glamour about her struggle to become an actress in Los Angeles. She shared that she had no savings and had maxed out all her credit cards that were accumulating interest.

She was on unemployment. She bought ramen noodles from the dollar store. She is so thankful that she never had to live on the streets. She had a good support system with friends who believed in her and offered her a place to stay until she could do better. They advised her not to give up. They helped her learn her lines for auditions because she had no money for acting lessons. Even though she was struggling, she kept auditioning.

Before 'This Is Us'

It is interesting that during her struggling years as an actress, Chrissy had a part in only one episode of "All of Us" in 2005, and her name was Kate just as it is on "This Is Us." She was able to get roles in a few movies, but nothing was long lasting.

In 2014, Chrissy finally got a role in "American Horror Story: Freak Show." She thought her struggle was over, and this would be the spring board for her acting career. However, she appeared in only five episodes. She considered giving up, but others advised her to keep pursuing her acting career.

Life after getting big role

Things have changed for chrissy metz now that she has her a role on the popular NBC show. She can afford many things, but she says she's not splurging on mansions and fancy cars yet. In fact, she still lives with the roommate who took her in when she was broke.

The difference now is that Chrissy can afford to pay her share of the rent.

She can make her car payments on time, and she is paying family and friends back for helping her out when she had almost nothing. She has paid off all her credit cards. Because she has gone so long without having money to buy the things she wanted, she still feel guilty about buying nice things. She related that she just bought her first pair of Alexander McQueen shoes, and she is having buyer's remorse. She is so paranoid over the purchase that the shoes are still in the box.

Metz's performance in "This Is Us" has earned her critical-acclaim and a Golden Globe Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress in a Series, Miniseries, or Television Film. Watch Chrissy Metz on "This Is Us" on NBC every Tuesday night at 9 p.m.